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The great trio – FPL selections for Gameweek 5


in this weekly blog post I present you 3 players which I recommend for upcoming Fantasy Premier League gameweek. Hopefully they’ll reward us with big hauls šŸ˜Ž

Here you can read & download DATASET for GW5.

It’s a guide for most my decision and I believe you should also take these data into account before doing any transfers


First of them is a Captain – in my opinion the most important factor in FPL. You can do everything right, but if you struggle with captain selection, almost always the red arrows will appear next to your overall ranking. Basically this choice will be also my choice for my own team, but sometimes I just won’t have the player I recommend you in my line-up.

Second choice is a ‘secret weapon‘, a player you should definitely consider to you line-up. This will be more a long-term choice rather than someone only for the next gameweek. My aim is to pick a player with good underlying stats & fixtures run so you can profit over next few gameweeks (let’s say no less than 3 GW’s but likely no longer than 5 GW’s).

Third choice is ‘niche‘, a differential pick with overall ownership less than 5%. This should help you to differentiate your team form the template – also from your mini-league rivals – and often turn your eye to someone who might be worth having because of his points to price ratio.

Gameweek picks:

  • CAPTAIN – Mohamed Salah (Everton vs Liverpool)

There isn’t one standout captain option this week, this is why captain selections should be very spread among FPL managers. It’s a perfect moment to take a punt and follow your gut feeling or play according to your own strategy. I guess that main candidates for an armband are Salah, KDB, Son & Kane, but I wouldn’t completely ignore Manchester United & Chelsea assets. Although I believe that KDB will play, I would be afraid to give him an armband, because of the rumours about his potential injury. Considering we take into account only four players I mentioned above, it leaves us with Salah, Son & Kane. Not surprising that Spurs sparks a big interest, after they scored 6 against Manchester United, why wouldn’t they do the same against West Ham, right? But I think that West Ham won’t be as easy game, as most of us imagine. I won’t dive deep into this subject, because my captain will be Salah, so I’ll focus on my pick’s argumentation. And it won’t be a standard one, because I won’t write about his current form (which is decent), about his underlying stats (which are good) or about the fact he is well rested because he didn’t play over international break. If you read my blog for a long time, you probably know that always if possible, I like to captain the same player in a few gameweeks a row. And this is imo a perfect moment to do that, either with Salah or Spurs players as well, their upcoming fixtures run looks very tasty. I really like those two Salah’s home games in GW6 and GW7. Merseyside derby has its own rules, this year should be a close-run thing and rich in goals, both teams are doing good in front, while are struggling at the back. Lucas Digne is flagged, which might be a very important argument in terms of Salah’s captaincy. On the other hand, Carlo Ancelotti expects Allan, Andre Gomes and Seamus Coleman to be available for Saturdays’ Merseyside derby, and this information gives me a little bigger headache. However, I fully expect Liverpool to be very motivated after their embarrassment in GW4 so they need Salah being a leader. Iā€™m very confident that Liverpool will get back on track. I hope you have a feeling while reading this text, that it’s a very complex thing. Maybe if I had Kane in my team, I would be a little bit more confused, but I don’t, so I’m very likely going to captain Salah in 3 following gameweeks.

  • 2. Secret weapon – Heung-min Son (Tottenham vs West Ham)

While reading about captaincy options you might had a feeling that I’m torn between Spurs & Salah. And indeed, I am. Spurs has impressed me a lot and they are my biggest season regret so far, because I didn’t expect them to play so well, especially in terms of scoring goals with Mourinho in charge. Now, I would be afraid to go further without any Spurs assets, so I brought Son immediately to my team. Their upcoming fixtures run is very good, they are on the roll at the moment and the understanding between Son & Kane looks better than ever. What’s more they will be strengthened with Bale on the right wing, this could mean that goals will be distributed among three players, but on the other hand Bale’s presence should free up some space for Son. All three could be standout options, but we don’t know really what to expect from Bale. So, give him a little time and keep an eye on him is my plan and is what I recommend also you. Speaking about recommendations, I would strongly recommend you having at least one Spurs assets up until GW8, they will be standout captaincy candidates then. I personally go with Son, mainly because of how my line-up is set up, I really don’t want to change any of my strikers at the moment. So far Son plays the same high or even higher than Kane and it’s Kane who goes back deeper and pass the ball to wings. For 1,6m pounds less the only issue is that Kane is on penalties. It’s worth to mention that similarly to Salah, Son was fully rested over international break.

  • 3. Niche – Chris Wood (Burnley vs West Brom) 1,7% ownership

Christian Pulisic was my first thought, but he is just after long injury, might not play a full game and I expect Southampton to play deeper than usual, however he is so explosive he can do well anyway. I just don’t like to recommend or have players just after injury, I always prefer to give them a little bit time and watch them on the pitch. This is why Chris Wood is a differential for GW5. So far West Brom is the worst defense in the league, ‘leading’ in almost each defensive category. They are also worst in terms of ‘Attempts from set play conceded’, which are Burnley’s main weapon. Chris Wood underlying stats aren’t impressive so far, so it’s more my gut feeling rather than a choice backed by numbers.

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