Gameweek 4 – fixtures planner update (download FREE)

As I promised, before each GW you will get from me an update for my season 2020/2021 fixtures planner. Here you can download a fresh one prepared for Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 4.

So, below you’ll find a link to google spread sheet, but before you get your copy it’s important to read how to use it (and how to use it throughout the whole season, because it will be weekly updated).

>>>>>>>>>>>>> OPEN HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Step 1

Do not download this file, because it won’t work properly. Instead of that, do a copy to your own google spread sheet (File -> Create a copy). Then open YOUR copy, do not try to work on the original file.

Step 2

It’s ready to use. So this is how to use it:

1. set your line-up from the last FPL gameweek

Just select all players who were in your team after last gameweek (before any transfers, if you already did any) from the list (but you can also start typing inside yellow cells).

2: update players prices

Important: I’ll provide price changes once a week, simultaneously to FDR update, so they might be out of date. So I added a feature to allow you do a correction if needed on your own. If the player’s price is different then in Fantasy Premier League, you can use those cells to adjust his price to the current price (CP).

Let’s say Salah’s price has risen over the night and is now 0,1 higher. You can select from the list next to his old price how much you want to add or subtract from his current price.

3. set your Team Value & Free Transfers

Another novelty are TV and transfers settings. You have to set three values if you want to have the same data as in FPL.

  1. CHECK your current Team Value (in case it’s different get back to the previous point and set proper players prices, do not try to change it!)
  2. Enter your bank account, put the amount of money that you have NOW in the bank
  3. Enter (choose from the list) number of remaining FREE transfers.

4. Select players & make a plan

Check the box next to each player that you want to be a part of your starting ’11’ in each of following GW’s. If you do that, his FDR will appear next to his name. You can also check all checkboxes to see the whole picture and then ‘uncheck’ next to those players that you want to sit on the bench or transfer out (this his how I do it).

5. Make transfers

To transfer player, use rows in the upper part of the sheet. Red fields are to ‘transfer out’ the player while green are to select his replacement. Everything will change automatically after you insert both names.

As you see, it’s a similar case with price changes here. If you see that YOUR selling price is different than it should be, choose from the list how much should be added or subtracted. On the example below, I added 0,1 to KDB price because I expect him to rise tonight, so I want to include this assumption in my plan.

6. Read summary

After putting everything in order, below the transfers you will see the summary with underlying data. Make sure that you will be able to make your plan happens, that you have enough money, transfers and you won’t get outpriced because of price changes.

Keep in mind that your real TV might be different then here in the sheet, but don’t don’t worry, it won’t affect the planner. It will works properly as long as long you will be inserting player’s prices while doing any transfer (see the bullet point above).

Step 3

👉 I’ll be updating this file after EACH gameweek, so you have to repeat Step 1 after each GW. One day after each GW you will find here on my website a new blog post with updated FDR and new link where you can grab your copy 🔥

Each update will include:

  1. Players price changes
  2. Most important, FDR (Fixtures Difficulty Ratio) update after EACH gameweek, so you can have a better view into your team and further moves. If you don’t know what it means: team’s form is changing while season is on, so my approach is to adjust the ‘difficulty colors’ to the current form the team actually has.

This is FDR looks now before GW4 (it’s based on the season 2019/20 GW38 & GW1-3).

So once again, visit my blog after each GW and grab your updated copy 😉

If you like my job and you use my Fixtures Planner please share this in your Social Media. It’s FREE content, so to keep it FREE of charge, please appreciate my job.

Good luck lads 🔝

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